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Housings for HVAC Applications

3P Glide/Pack®


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  • Less than ½ of 1% leakage guaranteed
  • Housing efficiency equal to the applied filtration efficiency
Typical applications: Two-stage filter housing for commercial, industrial, manufacturing or medical facilities.
Construction: 16-gauge galvanized steel with pre-drilled standing flanges, dual access doors, UV-resistant door knobs, door and filter sealing gasketing and a pneumatic tap for installation of static pressure gauge.
Filters: Any 2" deep prefilter with any 4", 6", or 12" final filter, or multi-pocket filter as the second stage.
Performance: Rated airflow 500 fpm, may be operated to 625 fpm. Standard model operational to ± 3.0" w.g., optional construction available to 8.0" w.g.
Additional data: Sizes available from 4 filters high to 6 filters wide. Housing is weatherproof for outside installation without modification. Available with insulation, primed for painting, or in stainless steel construction. Consult factory.

See Literature 2401 for more details.

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