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Absolute Filter Housings (HEPA or ULPA)



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  • Guaranteed to provide a scannable seal on the downstream side when filter elements are properly installed
  • Accepts full size 24" by 24" or 12" by 24" HEPA or ULPA filters
Description: 11-gauge welded factory fabricated HEPA/ULPA filter bank assembly.
Typical applications: Built-up bank HEPA/ULPA filter frames for installation in HVAC applications in commercial, industrial, manufacturing and medical facilities.
Construction: 11-gauge galvanized steel super structure with flat filter sealing flange to seal against gasket on HEPA/ULPA filter. Filters are held in place by swing bolt assemblies. Grid includes filter support and alignment flanges for simplified filter service.
Filters: 6" or 12" deep, 24" by 24", or 24" by 12" HEPA/ULPA filters.
Additional data: Modules may be up to 4 filters high by 6 filters wide. Available in stainless steel, consult factory.

See Literature 2302 for more details.

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