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Cleanroom Modules

Pharmaseal® Exhaust Housing


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  • Lightweight, compact, ducted filter module for clean processes or medical suites
  • Low pressure drop saves energy and low life-cycle cost reduces disposal costs
Description: Fully welded ducted filter module for HEPA or ULPA filter. Available with bubble-tight, guillotine or radial blade bowtie damper for precise airflow control. A test shroud is available for overall efficiency testing from the room side.
Typical applications: Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, medical facilities and other clean process applications.
Filtration: Designed to accommodate Camfil a high capacity Camfil Filtra 2000 with a Camfil 30/30® prefilter.
Outlet: Various options available including an inward-turned or outward-turned flange or a plenum with 12" flex duct connector.

See Product Sheet 3422 for additional details.

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