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CamCarb Cylinder SMH Glide/Pack®


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  • Combines high capacity sorbent canisters with side-access housings for low bypass large system gaseous contaminant control
  • Side-access housing integrity with dual access doors may be up to four filters high by six filters wide
Typical applications: HVAC system installation in commercial, industrial, manufacturing and medical facilities.
Construction: 16-gauge aluminized steel, gasketed dual access doors, anodized aluminum filter tracks for 2" deep prefilters and separate track for CamCarb Cylinders. Consult factory for stacking and reinforcement guidelines.
Filters: Accepts 2" deep particle prefilter and 16 CamCarb Cylinders per 24" by 24" opening.
Additional data: Out-turned pre-drilled standing flanges mate to other HVAC equipment.

See Literature 2118 for more details.

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