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Built-Up Bank Frame Systems

CamCarb Cylinder Holding Frame


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  • Zero bypass frame combines high-capacity sorbent cylinders with built-up banks for large system gaseous contaminant control
  • Sorbent media capacity of up to 96 pounds per 2000 cfm
Typical applications: Built-up banks in commercial or industrial HVAC systems. May be stacked to six high by any width dimension. Consult factory for reinforcement design guidance.
Construction: 14-gauge aluminized steel with sorbent cylinder air paths and mounting perforations.
Filters: Camfil CamCarb cylinders of plastic or stainless steel construction.
Additional data: Sorbent residence time may be increased by reducing system velocity below standard velocity of 500 fpm per full size holding frame.

See Literature 2118 for more details.

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