Firing Ranges (Indoor)

Indoor firing ranges and the airborne contaminants created by the activity present unique challenges with regard to protecting the health of range employees and visitors. Lead can damage the brain, blood, nerves, kidneys and reproductive organs. This damage can cause serious disability: memory loss, extreme tiredness, emotional problems, even kidney failure, coma or death. There can also be a financial impact related to lead emissions for range owners based upon regulations from local authorities and even the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration as they strive to protect employees from hazardous contaminants.

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Camfil SafeRange™ Series air filters designed specifically for indoor firing ranges are guaranteed to last longer than any other filter available of the same design. SafeRange filters significantly reduce energy, labor and waste costs while providing the highest level of protection.

Camfil’s Indoor Firing Ranges, Design, Ventilation & Air Filtration Brochure addresses the requirements for maintaining proper indoor air quality to protect employees and the shooters using indoor firing ranges. It details range design, outside air introduction, ventilating the range, recirculation of air and contaminant removal. It also details filtration choices from filter housings to prefilters, to the recommended final stage of HEPA filters for hazardous contaminant capture and removal.

Camfil’s SafeRange product line includes the Hi-Flo SR and Absolute VG-SR. They are specifically designed to address the contaminant removal requirements associated with indoor firing ranges. Optimized for long life and low airflow resistance, SafeRange products reduce the costs associated with changing the filters and also reduce the energy expenditure to move air through the filters. SafeRange filters are color-coded for quick product identification so proper disposal of the contaminated filters can be addressed.


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