National Accounts Program

Success comes from more than just fitting in, it comes from standing out. Organizations that thrive, are those leading their industries through forward-thinking, innovative strategies, those carefully analyzing data, and those seeing opportunity where others do not. Introducing ground-breaking ideas, products, processes, procedures is what results in standing out. This is one of the core reasons Camfil's National Accounts Program was put in place — to drive organizations to stand out. It is a program that enables organizations to lead the way in energy savings, sustainability, and operational efficiencies.

Cost savings in an air filter solution comes from an organization evaluating their complete filtration program and assessing each component that makes up the filtration system. Companies that solely consider the purchase cost of their filters, lose in the end. Air filters are not a commodity, and leading companies that see the value in investing in air filters that last longer, perform at expected efficiencies throughout filter life, consume less energy and require less labor to maintain are companies that significantly benefit. Organizations leading the way are those that understand that "real" cost savings comes from targeting operational costs.

Camfil eliminates the task of dissecting spreadsheets to achieve minimal savings per line item on low-performing filters with few differences.

With Camfil as a partner, organizations benefit from an advisory team that commits to assessing and targeting operational costs. The National Accounts team will conduct individual, on-site surveys for every facility being assessed and will implement the solutions that deliver the highest performance at the lowest total cost of ownership. It's the Camfil Promise.

Camfil National Accounts Program Offers:

  • A dedicated National Accounts Manager as a single point of contact
  • Customized contract length with rebate incentives
  • Nationwide network of stocking warehouses with technical personnel
  • Product and performance guarantees — The only air filter supplier in the industry to offer product performance guarantees
  • A comprehensive filter program for individual facilities
  • Customized reports validating cost savings per facility
  • Access to product development engineers for customized solutions

Camfil's National Accounts Program is a comprehensive air filter solutions program structured to achieve significant savings with built-in flexibility to adapt to any business environment. Contact Camfil today to find out more about our National Accounts Program.


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