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Our world moves through the wires and through satellites. Financial data, government info and electronic communications relating to our daily lives has been moving through data centers almost since the inception of the Internet in the 1960’s. Society’s ever-expanding demand for instantaneous information has led to continuing exponential growth that shows no signs of slowing down, further boosted by social media services, cloud backup, and video/audio streaming.

Everyone has a general idea of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, EBay and other enhanced service providers and their need for centralized data facilities, but there are over 300-million data centers in the United States. Some are in small closets and some are over one-million square feet in size. Imagine the data requirements of companies such as UPS or FedEx as they coordinate packages throughout the world.

In order for data centers to perform to acceptable levels they all require an air conditioned environment that includes a maintained air quality free of contaminants. Camfil provides air filters to many significant data center facilities to help maintain the flow of information that keeps our world turning.

Data centers also use 2% of all of the electricity used in the US with 32% of that being used by the air conditioning system. Air filters can play a big part in reducing energy costs. Camfil’s 5-Star air filters can reduce energy expenditures 30-40% or more. Click here to review Camfil’s Data Center Brochure to see how the proper selection of air filters can save you money.

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