Air Filters Proven to Significantly Reduce Energy, Labor, and Waste

"Truly Green" Clean Air Solutions Brochure Tells How Companies Can Reduce Their HVAC Energy Consumption by 25 to 50 Percent.


Green Air Filters BrochureCamfil’s “Truly Green” Brochure Helps Air Filter Customers Focus on Sustainability,

“Going Green” has become a top priority for organizations across the globe. Using products that require less energy and produce less waste will help companies achieve their sustainability goals as well as deliver significant savings. With so many products to choose from, choosing those that deliver the greatest benefits can be a challenging task. To help companies make the right decisions, Camfil has published the “Truly Green” Clean Air Solutions brochure.  (Click image to view brochure.)

Delivering Extreme Performance with Sustainable Results

Four Considerations to Help Your Company Make the Best Decisions:

ENERGY.   Energy savings is an important benefit only if good air quality is maintained during the entire life of the air filter.  Camfil air filters optimize efficiency and energy use reducing HVAC energy costs by up to 50 percent.  The media type coupled with the innovative media configurations deliver lower pressure drops over the life of the air filters -- and a significantly reduction in energy use.

CARBON FOOTPRINT.   Camfil filters perform more efficiently, use less energy, and require less-frequent changeouts. Using fewer filters means fewer dollars spent on fuel at every step – from raw material acquisition and processing to filter manufacturing, distribution, transportation to users, and ultimately, transport to a landfill, and recycling.  The lower amounts of energy consumed at every stage contributes substantially to a reduced carbon footprint.

WASTE REDUCTION.  When Camfil 5-Star premium filters replace competitive filters, annual waste volume is typically reduced 30% to 75% – lowering the frequency of filter replacements means a lot less filters go to the landfills.  This also means less wear and tear on air handling systems and less roof damage. 

LEED and IAQ.   Managers responsible for IAQ, the loophole is serious. Specifically, LEED standards require only that a filter rated at MERV 13 perform at MERV 13 at the time of installation. This allows low-cost coarse fiber synthetic filters, whose efficiency quickly drops from MERV 13 to as low as MERV 10, to claim LEED status, even though the drop in efficiency represents a severe compromise of air quality for most of the filter’s life.   The electrostatically-charged media that coarse fiber filters rely on dissipates rapidly over time; whereas, the fine fiber media used in Camfil 5-Star premium filters maintains rated efficiency during the entire service life of the filters.

Download the "Truly Green" Clean Air Solutions brochure for more information on how Camfil 5-Star premium air filters can provide your company substantial savings in energy, labor and waste.


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