Rating Systems For Air Filters

In a world troubled by climate change and related environmental concerns, energy consumption will continue to define the next regulatory framework and drive efforts to improve the energy efficiency of products.

For air filtration, lowering energy use will not be enough – our products need to deliver indoor air quality at the same time.

Learning from the European household appliance industry, Camfil has designed a balanced energy and air quality rating system to support customers in their filter selection process – the “ABCDEFG” air filter classification scheme. Green products for IAQ help customers become more sustainable In the United States, the energy efficiency of our air filters is rated according to our 5-star rating system.

Camfil recently achieved another first in filter ratings by launching the world’s first system and testing procedure to measure the ozone removal efficiency of its molecular filters. This system helps customers assess the effectiveness of these products and informs them more about the performance of our molecular filters so they can understand the full benefit of selecting Camfil products for good IAQ and the lowest energy consumption. 

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