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Panel filters

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  • All-metal impingement type panel filters
  • May be oiled on-site to increase efficiency
  • Various media types available to suit application
  • Economy of a cleanable renewable filter
Description: Cleanable, high velocity, low pressure drop air filters for the elimination of particulate (not water or mists).
Typical applications: Commercial or industrial processes.
Efficiency: 90% efficiency on particles 10-microns and larger.
Media: Alternate layers of flat and herringbone-crimp galvanized steel screen.
Recommended final pressure drop: 1.0" w.g. when operated at 500 fpm. System design may dictate alternative changeout point.
Airflow operating range: Velocity of 450 fpm to 550 fpm, consult factory outside of this range.
Ratings: Rated by Underwriters Laboratories as UL Class 900.

See Literature 2001 for more details.

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