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Built-Up Bank Frame Systems

CamSorb® RS Retainer/Pack Modular Assemblies


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  • Holds four CamSorb RS80 2" panels; 48 pounds of adsorbent per 2000 cfm with a low initial pressure drop of only 0.32" w.g.
  • Excellent for areas of air quality non-attainment or reducing outside air per the IAQ Method as prescribed in ASHRAE Standard 62.1, Ventilation Standard for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality
Typical applications: Built-up filter banks in commercial, industrial, manufacturing and medical facilities.
Construction: 16-gauge adsorber module with tracks for 4 rechargeable or disposable CamSorb RS80 2" panels with a universal holding frame that may incorporate a particulate final filter and a prefilter mounting track that may be accessed from the upstream side of the module.
Filters: Accepts 1" deep prefilters, 4" to 12" final filters and 4 rechargeable or disposable CamSorb RS80 2" panels.
Additional data: May be stacked up to four modules high by any number of modules wide. Panels and particulate filters ordered separately.

See Literature 2102 for more details.

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